Comment on The Brief – A Day without Europe by francoislaurent

I think this fiction is addressed to citizens of small countries who would frequently travel abroad. I hope such arguments can convince there, although this article should target eurosceptic people and I doubt foreign workers typically are.
In larger countries such as Spain or France, the typical eurosceptic person would travel abroad once a year, if not once in 10 years. They would not mind at all “suffering” from all the inconvenience mentioned in this article. Actually, I sometimes get the impression they are just not interested in the other countries and their people (here I can speak only about the country I am native of). I instead try to raise such an interest in these people, telling stories from the countries I lived in. They would not travel more, however, because the language barrier is far more of an inconvenience than anything told in this dubious fiction.
The word “dubious” is here to reflect the additional fact that, without the UE as it has been, there would be other treaties now between European countries, probably with similar benefits, but not uniformly across Europe. Every country would have chosen with whom to go hand in hand....

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