January 14, 2019
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Welcome word

Dear Reader,

we are now facing a new year hopefully happy for you and your beloved ones but, on behalf of the European ITS Platform, we wish that your action in 2019 could be efficient and beneficial in view of a safer and more efficient transport in the TEN-T network. As promised additional information on the Forum is mixed with ordinary news. Enjoy your reading.

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EU EIP Highlights

Forum 2018 - Proceedings are available online

Giornata europea per la sicurezza stradale - Varsavia, 8 marzo 2016

The proceedings of the European ITS Forum are available online on the website of the Forum. You can access it by following this link.


Istantanee di sicurezza - ecco la nuova premiazione

Who is Peter Postman?

Let’s start saying who is Peter Postman: he is for sure a the frequent user of Trans-European Road Network who needs information and services, he is the one that through having better ITS services he can contribute to making European roads safer and more sustainable.


Istantanee di sicurezza - ecco la nuova premiazione

Early warning wireless in The Netherlands: salvage companies warn road users for potential danger on the road

Drivers of salvage vehicles in the Netherlands can send electronic safety warnings to road users. When they are working on the road, they can use an app on their smart phone to send a message, which is then forwarded to the road users.


Istantanee di sicurezza - ecco la nuova premiazione

"Multimodal transport – towards the future", Brussels 26 February 2019

European Commissioner for Transport Violeta Bulc and the Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport (DG MOVE) are inviting stakeholders for a high-level conference “Multimodal transport – towards the future”, officially closing the 2018 Year of Multimodality.


Istantanee di sicurezza - ecco la nuova premiazione

Forum 2018 - Download the Fact sheet of Proceedings

The proceedings of the European ITS Forum are available online on the website of the Forum and in the YouTube channel of the European ITS Platform.


Istantanee di sicurezza - ecco la nuova premiazione

Art-Working for the European ITS Platform

When we received the proposal to develop the visual for the European ITS platform we felt thrilled


Numbers of ITS in Connecting Europe Facility

This column of the Newsletter wants to pinpoint figures as results of the European ITS Platform or CEF ITS corridors on Trans European Road Network.

Nazioni Unite - 11 obiettivi per la sicurezza stradale - Obiettivo nr. 2: Proteggere gli utenti vulnerabili

Thousands of saved km. Ursa Major for the efficiency of the network

Ursa Major implementations are considered to achieve an estimated Improved traffic flow - average 51,500 less kilometres driven and 800 VHL saved.


News flash

1) The European Commission published a draft "Specifications for the provision of cooperative intelligent transport systems (C-ITS)". Feedbacks are possible until February 8th 2019. For info, do not hesitate to follow this link

2) The European GNSS Agency (GSA) recently published a Report on Road User Needs and Requirements, as part of a series that examines user needs and requirements for position, navigation and timing (PNT) solutions in various sectors. For any further information, please refer to this page

3) On 7 March 2019, ITU and UNECE will convene the Symposium on the Future Networked Car (FNC-2019) within the 89th Geneva International Motor Show. For information please follow this link

4) The European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) has published a briefing synthesis titled “EU Strategy for Automated Mobility”. For information please follow this link

Save the date

May 15-16th, 2019 European ITS Platform - Member States Supervision Assembly Roma

European ITS Platform Member State Supervisory Assembly is planned. Members are invited to save the date


ITS World news

European ITS platform collects updates on Intelligent Transport Systems, on smart mobility and ITS News from Europe around the World in several languages. Here is a small selection:






    Did you know about www.its-platform.eu

    Did you know that you can browse highlights of the Platform and CEF ITS corridors in a single stream? Do not hesitate to look at the stream, following this link

    Let’s close with a picture

    National Bodies met at Forum 2018 

    This picture shows the EC representative introducing the event

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