Venue address:

LEF Future Center
Griffioenlaan 2
3526 LA Utrecht,The Netherlands

The ITS Forum 2018 will be held on 14 and 15 November 2018 at the LEF Future Center which is located at the headquarters of Rijkswaterstaat in Utrecht.
This is no coincidence, since Rijkswaterstaat employees are continually challenged to find ground breaking, innovative and sustainable solutions to issues in the field of public works and water management.

Facilitating complex processes and solutions and assisting with decision-making is LEF's core specialty. All technical and other facilities that we can offer, the professionals who steer the process, the catering, the spatial layout: everyone and everything at LEF contributes in an unconventional, controlled manner towards results in the form of innovation, growth or improvement.

LEF Future Center offers a wide variety of diverse working environments and professional guidance.

A session at LEF is something you have never experienced before. This results in new ideas and insights, which will be concrete and geared towards producing results. This way of working guarantees a low threshold environment from which both new and experienced users can benefit.

More information on the LEF Future Center can be found here.


The LEF Future Centre is located in Utrecht, and very well accessible by public transport. The LEF Future Centre is approximately 1 hour from Schiphol Airport and 2,5 hours from Brussels.

Travelling to Utrecht

From Schiphol Airport to Utrecht: you can take the train to Utrecht Central Station (CS); Every 15 minutes an intercity train will leave from platform 3 to Utrecht Central Station.

For tickets you can use the vending machines in the central hall or get advice at one of the service stores usually located in the central hall.

By car: easiest way to get to your accommodation is to use google maps or the route description offered by your accommodation. Getting directly to the venue by car is described below, at the site section "How to get to LEF".