The program of the event was drafted by the Communication Team of the European ITS Platform, under the supervision of European Commission services, of the Joint Technical Secretariat. The European ITS Platform team is thankful to consulted stakeholders for the scientific contribution to the definition of the program.

European Commission - Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport

  • Isabelle Vandoorne (DG MOVE)

  • Pedro Barradas (DG MOVE)

European Commission - Innovation and Networks Executive Agency

  • Pierpaolo Tona (INEA)

Consulted stakeholder

  • Niels Andersen (Car2Car)

  • Christophe Boutin (ASFA)

  • Fiammetta Diani (European GNSS Agency)

  • Kallistratos Dionelis (ASECAP)

  • Suzanne Hoadley (POLIS)

  • Laurianne Krid (FIA) - comment (video)

  • Christophe Nicodème (European Road Federation)

  • Steve Phillips (Conference of European Road Directors - CEDR)

  • Christopher Tomlinson and Emanuela Stocchi (IBTTA)

  • Other Stakeholders to be soon announced

Corridor and project Coordinators:

  • European ITS Platform (Federica Polce – Italy)

  • MedTIS (Annie Canel and Malika Seddi - France)

  • Ursa Major (Stephanie Kleine – Germany)

  • Crocodile (Wolfgang Kernstock – Austria)

  • Next-ITS (Arne Lindeberg – Sweden)

  • Arc Atlantique (Paul Wadsworth – United Kingdom)

  • Datex II (Marjolein Masclee – The Netherlands)

European ITS Platform Activity Leaders:

  • A1 Platform Governance and Management (Roberto Arditi – Italy)

  • A2 Monitoring and Dissemination,including ITS Deployment Guidelines (Torsten Geißler – Germany)

  • A3 Feasibility study East-West Corridor and first pilot implementation (Jan Willem Tierolf – The Netherlands)

  • SA4.1 Determining Quality of European ITS Services (Peter Lubrich – Germany)

  • SA4.2 Facilitating automated driving (Alina Koskela and Risto Kulmala – Finland)

  • SA4.3 ITS Deployment Road Map Update (Arne Lindeberg – Sweden)

  • SA4.4 Cooperative ITS Services Deployment Support (Torsten Geißler – Germany)

  • SA4.5 Liaison and harmonization on interfaces for data exchange (Alain Rème - France)

  • SA4.6 Monitoring and Harmonization of Single Point of Access (Louis Hendriks – The Netherlands)

  • SA4.7 Provision of updates of ITS spatial road data (Frank Daems and Johanna Tzanidaki – Belgium)

  • A5 Evaluation (Daniel Cullern – UK)

Session organizers:

Tom Alkim (NL) Marko Jandrisits (AT) Alain Reme (FR)
Valeria Cipollone (IT) Henk Jansma (NL) Angelo Rossini (IT)
Biagio Ciuffo (IT) Stephanie Kleine (DE) Malika Seddi (FR)
Daniel Cullern (UK) Alina Koskela (FI) Jonas Sundberg (SE)
Jens Dierke (DE) Risto Kulmala (FI) Jan Willem Tierolf (NL)
Enrico Ferrante (IT) Arne Lindeberg (SE) Gilberto Tognoni (IT)
Torsten Geissler (DE) Peter Lubrich (DE) StephenT'Siobbel (BE)
Louis Hendriks (NL) Mihai Niculescu (RO) Johanna Tzanidaki (BE)
Alessandro Iavicoli (IT) Tobias Reiff (DE) Kernstock Wolfgang (AT)

Communication team:

Roberto Arditi (IT) Louis Hendriks (NL) Marjolein Masclee (NL)
Sabrina Caiani (IT) Alessandro Iavicoli (IT) Jan Willem Tierolf (NL)
Torsten Geissler (DE) Ronald Jorna (NL)