Facilitating dialogue

The ITS Forum takes place at the innovative LEF Future Center. All sessions take place in different working environments, offer different work forms and are lead by professional ‘facilitators’. So it is not just a “sit down and listen” event, but an active role of all attendees is being asked for. The sessions offer room for interaction, discussion and dialogue from which all attendees can benefit. It will allow attendees to think differently about changes and challenges which often results in new ideas, insights and opportunities.

Broad set-up

The ITS Forum 2018 has a broad set-up to ensure that it is interesting for all parties - both public and private – involved in road traffic management.

The Forum offers interesting sessions for both new and experienced representatives from: public and private road authorities (motorway, urban, interurban), service providers, ITS and C-ITS industry, the automotive Industry, traffic information service providers, international stakeholder organisations, consultancy agencies and research institutes.


The ITS Forum Programme is built upon 7 “streams” which are centred around a different road traffic management related theme:

  • Traffic management: the wider perspective
  • Data
  • C-ITS and automated driving
  • Automation in Traffic Management and Traffic Centres (dedicated Workshop)
  • Freight transport
  • Evaluation
  • Traffic Information Services


Each stream offers one or more parallel sessions which all differ in setting and work form. Sessions might be set-up as a workshop or consist of short pitches and discussion, etc.