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Newsletter ITS Platform n.1

February 4th 2017
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Welcome word
Uno studio canadese valuta l'efficacia delle campagne per promuovere l'uso dei seggiolini

Dear Colleague,

A warm welcome from the platform of authorities and operators of the trans-European road network who are working together towards a smarter and more efficient mobility, a goal which will be achieved through large-scale technology deployments. The "EU ITS Platform" brings together the majority of key European players who cooperate to establish an open "forum" which provides a joint contribution to future strategy and contibutes to the policy recommendations for the improved development and deployment of ITS services along European Road Corridors.

This Newsletter will diffuse the progress achieved within the European ITS Platform and relevant corridors, in this way linking the community of the platform to the external world of technicians, institutions, scientists and industry.

The Newsletter will be a tool for the sharing of knowledge concerning the results achieved and opportunities that a pan-European approach can offer to the progression of road technologies. I hope that many readers shall follow us and decide to cooperate with us further.

Roberto Arditi – SINA (Gavio Group), Project Manager EU EIP

EU EIP Highlights

Road operators prepare to welcome automated vehicles

Giornata europea per la sicurezza stradale - Varsavia, 8 marzo 2016

The event was hosted by DGT on 21-22 September in Madrid, and covered two aspects of automation: Day 1 focused on autonomic and automated roadside ITS, and Day 2 the requirements of automated driving for road authorities and operators.


Istantanee di sicurezza - ecco la nuova premiazione

EU EIP and TISA publish harmonised Declaration of Compliance for Safety-Related Traffic Information

February 21, 2017 EU-EIP and TISA have collaborated in a series of workshops to harmonise the Declaration of Compliance for Priority Action C (SRTI-Safety Related Traffic Information) for use in all Member States.


Istantanee di sicurezza - ecco la nuova premiazione

Spatial data exchange is stepping forward in Europe - download the presentations

TN-ITS hosted a joint TN-ITS EU EIP workshop on 19th January 2017 in Brussels, with the main objective to show the progress of the implementation in the different member states; showcase some of the TN-ITS functionalities implemented so far and provide the perspectives of the mapmakers.


Istantanee di sicurezza - ecco la nuova premiazione

ITS: building the strategy for Road operators

The EU EIP Activity 2 Road Operator Strategy Workshop "(C-)ITS deployment challenges and opportunities" has successfully been held in Düsseldorf, 8th to 9th of September 2016.


EU EIP Reports
Uno studio canadese valuta l'efficacia delle campagne per promuovere l'uso dei seggiolini

Identified the requirements of automated driving towards road operators

EU EIP has analysed the requirements of higher-level road vehicle automation towards road authorities and operators and also other stakeholders. These requirements deal with the consistency and continuity of the physical infrastructure (e.g. road markings, landmarks, signs, road surface quality, traffic management strategies and maintenance processes), the digital infrastructure (e.g. digital maps, real time traffic information, back-office processes), road maintenance and network management processes, and classification of roads for automated driving. In addition, the report addresses the legal and normative framework requirements of automated driving.


Nazioni Unite - 11 obiettivi per la sicurezza stradale - Obiettivo nr. 2: Proteggere gli utenti vulnerabili

Road operators are automating their own ITS

The EU EIP deliverable identifies autonomic functions and applications in existing ITS implementations and describes the benefits of these autonomic properties for the road operators and their customers, travellers and hauliers. The report specifies the autonomic behaviour and properties of intelligent transport systems and functions at traffic management/control/information centres as well as in roadside ITS systems, giving multiple examples of the existing deployments in different European countries. Last, the report describes the conclusions and the next steps to be taken with regard to utilizing automation in road operators’ own ITS


News flash

1) The Member States Supervisory Assembly is planned to meet in Roma next 4-5 May 2017

2) Beginning of February 2017 was set the deadline for CEF call 2017. Corridors related to EU EIP platform applied.

3) EU EIP proposed a special session on “European ITS Platform as a knowledge platform on National Access Points” at the 12th European Congress in Strasburg

Save the date

March 15th to 16th 2017 Facilitating automated driving Utrecht

The European ITS Platform organizes a workshop on “Facilitating Automated Driving” to explore the relationship between automated driving and the infrastructure. The workshop will be held in the Rijkswaterstaat LEF Future Center (Utrecht, The Netherlands) from Wednesday 15 to Thursday 16 March 2017, starting at 12:00 on March the 15th with a walk in lunch and registration. The workshop will end at 16:30 the next day.
April 10th 2017 EWmap Webinar Web

Next URSA MAJOR 2 EWmap Webinar will be held on 10 April 2017. You are very welcome to participate. If you are interested, please get in contact with URSA MAJOR 2 team to register through the platform helpdesk. Further information shall be posted on the URSA MAJOR website.

June 8th 2017 Metadata for National Access Points Location to be announced

8 June 2017 a workshop will be organised on the use of metadata for the establishment of National Access Points (Priority Actions B, C and E). Stakeholders interested to assist are invited to get in contact with the staff and leader of the pertinent activity through the platform helpdesk. The venue shall be announced soon, keep in touch with EU EIP website
ITS World news

European ITS platform collects updates on Intelligent Transport Systems, on smart mobility and ITS News from Europe around the World in several languages. Here is a small selection:







Did you know about

Did you know that you can directly access the web site of every single corridors? If you klick here you will reach the website of the Corridor Med-TIS

Let’s close with a picture

This picture shows a meeting and demonstration for the EIP+ Activity 4.1 concerning cooperative ITS corridors.

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The content of this newsletter has been prepared and collated by the Communication Team of EU EIP: the individual items have technical-scientific content or a general information purpose and can sometimes represent the personal views of the authors on the topics covered. In no case, they constitute instructions, opinions or statements of official or institutional bodies.

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